Want to Grow? Let's be Buds.

Buds Organic helps install and maintain your own custom garden.

Your Bud Coaches...

"... from seed to you hitting the bottom of a Ben & Jerry’s pint." -- Thrillist DC

Design & Installation

Large, small, even discreet.

We'll help you design and install a grow set up that fits your needs. Set up is a one-time cost, gardens last for years.


Forget sketchy dealers.

We visit regularly to teach you everything; from seed to curing buds. For optimal outcomes, visits are weekly or bi-weekly.


All your questions, answered.

Whether it's about getting started,  trouble shooting, or general advice, we'll come to you and help you work it out.


Drawing on more than 40 years of combined horticultural experience in organic growing, Buds Organic can help you with all of your home growing needs.


Your home, your bud. We teach you how.

Weed is expensive, but you can easily learn to produce all you need.
One year with Buds Organic Coaching will carry you through three growing cycles; all you need to know to grow like a pro.

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Grow Organically.

Grow at Home.