In the Press

"You can hire [Buds Organic] to install the growing equipment best suited for your home and then stick with you through an entire grow cycle, which lasts about four months from seed to you hitting the bottom of a Ben & Jerry’s pint." -- Thrillist DC

Read about Natalie Carver in "How to Hire a Cannabis Coach in DC" ... "Shake hands with Natalie Carver and you might come away a little sticky icky. That’s because the chief employee of Bud’s Organic has likely been pruning the sexiest, healthiest fronds of marijuana you’ve ever seen. “Did you know buds are flowers? They’re big beautiful flowers!” As you can probably guess, Natalie is an enchanting, green-thumbed mix of urban farmer, free spirit, hipster, and hippie." --Thrillist DC


"If Bud's Organics can teach my black thumb how to cultivate, they can teach anybody. As a first time grower, Meredith and her awesome team, gave me all the resources and knowledge to grow a product I could not only be proud of, but one I could smoke. Bud's Organics is like having your very own fairy weed-mother." -- Mat Ramsey, PornBurger

"Buds Organic is amazing! I can't believe how fun this process was. I'd been trying to go it alone for a while and it was hit or miss. Buds Organic took out all the guess work and really stepped it up a notch. Me (and my dinner guests) are loving it!" -- Buds Organic Client, Brookland DC

"Who says being a stoner can't be productive?! Buds did a wonderful job setting up my in-home grow operation. They are incredibly professional. All my friends are jealous." Buds Organic Client, Columbia Heights DC